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Artist At Work Abstract Pigment Print David Antreasian
Recent Work

My newest work now often originates from White paper shapes, cutout and arranged over a Black background, then re-photographed and transferred to the computer. The color is obtained by trial and error from a vast collection of other captured images, then re-worked as I see fit, and often painted over in sections. This category also includes some hand-painted silver prints which were originated from digital media. Influences by De Chirico and others.

Silvery Moon

Here, I've attempted to construct some imaginary scenes containing formal elements but with a bit more levity. These started as a play on the black silhouette portraits from the 17'th century.

Studio Work

When I made the switch from traditional silver to the digital process around 2000, I constructed a small sandbox in my studio which I used to experiment with the scale of objects in small, still life presentations. These were minimally reworked in the computer, but gradually over time, I have become less concerned

about manipulation within the computer which is, after all, just another tool.

Screen Series

In 2011, the original sandbox was converted to a large light-box with a facing screen to produce a more abstract series of works emphasizing strong shadows combined with muted lighting. I'm pleased by the luminosity and texture of the resulting prints.


I've always loved vintage surreal art and although much of my work has always contained an element of surrealism, I've only recently felt that I could make a more direct statement in that realm. I'm intrigued by what is hidden beneath the surface of things.

Hand-tinted Silver

Painting directly onto B&W silver gelatin prints is a technique used in photography as early as 1839 to produce colorized images. My own preference for an 'alternative' style of prints often colorizes only a portion of the whole image. I'm challenged to produce a subtle work that captures mood without overdoing it, relying on canned colors, or being garish.


Some of my favorite older images scanned from negatives. A couple of notable artists here.


When traveling,my wandering mind is free to observe window reflections, isolate unusual shapes, or sometimes what seems to be a natural still life that demands to be isolated from it's background. Other times there is just beauty that can't be ignored.

Artist At Work

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