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The process of making art has been a driving force in my life. Through my artwork I have developed a personal style that has evolved from life experiences, ideas, experimentation, curiosity, and practice. Nothing is as satisfying as having a blank canvas to ponder, a camera full of images to be edited, an idea yet to be explored, or a new method or technique to be mastered.

I am based in the Southwest and have traveled extensively. I received a BFA degree from UNM in 1989 with an emphasis in painting & photography. I studied with Jane Abrams, Harry Nadler, Jim Jacobs, Patrick Nagatani, Betty Hahn, Tom Barrow and Beaumont Newhall.

During the 1990’s I experimented with non-traditional photographic printing methods like cyanotype, gum bichromate, and finally Polaroid transfer prints.  These alternative methods of printing inspired me to explore contemporary transfer techniques which have led me to the mixed media process I now use. These abstract compositions explore the relationship between color and form and seek to evoke an emotional experience in the viewer. The work ranges from compositions which strive to bring about a sense of quiet reflection and contemplation to works of a vibrant kinetic nature meant to shake things up. My technique blends elements of photography, painting, and printmaking. Each composition is hand printed using archival inks on Arches watercolor paper.

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